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The YES NO GAMESHOW is the world's simplest quiz. Contestants can only answer Yes or No to a series of comedy visual questions played out on VT.  A series of ten shows aired on BRAVO in the UK.



'E FOR EDGE' aired on Channel 4 and was a weekly round up of the top ten moments from Channel 4 Digital. This commission aired on Friday nights around 12.30am on Channel 4 for thirteen weeks.


The Talent Shed was proud to produce the critically acclaimed "Jimmy Carr's World Of Corporate Videos" which aired on Channel 4.The programme was a light hearted and humorous look at the world of Corporate Videos, presented by Comedian Jimmy Carr. 

We have a large catalogue of television formats, product concepts and web business ideas ready for launch, including:
  1. A riveting, completely original Gameshow
  2. Dozens of cutting-edge novelty gift and adult gift ideas
  3. A fully designed magazine brand. This brand will move sideways into other media sectors, including Internet and Television.
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